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Keeping plastic
in the economy and
out of the environment

Our partners

The problem

The recycling market is broken. The cost of recycled plastic is too high, and demand for it is too low.

As a result, plastic waste continues to be incinerated or landfilled, increasing emissions.

The solution

We aim to modernise and scale plastic waste sorting and recycling industries in developed and emerging economies.

Reduce usage
Our goal is to significantly reduce the production of fossil-based plastic over the next decade.
Improving infrastructure
We are unlocking investments into plastic recycling worldwide. These plants can produce high grades of new plastic from waste plastic.
Driving demand
We commit to leveraging philanthropic capital to unlock investment in plastic that currently ends up in landfills, incinerators, and the environment.

market change

Sea the Future creates a circular plastic economy by using industry demand with support from governments and regulators. Together these sectors can drive the urgent, global shift needed to save our oceans.

infrastructure at scale

We are building a global network of sorting and recycling plants, starting in the Netherlands, Indonesia and Brazil.

After the first three projects we will soon expand to other countries and cities.


The industry
collaborative for
global circular plastic

Sea the Future, pioneered by Minderoo Foundation, is building a consortium of leading global brands to unlock the supply and demand for recycled plastics.

Sea the Future will grow its founding partner base with fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) partners committed to a shared goal.

Frequently asked questions

What is Sea the Future?

Sea the Future is a consortium pioneered by Minderoo Foundation with Amcor as a founding partner. We’re developing a market-based solution that provides greater security for investment in recycling by unlocking the supply and demand for recycled plastic.

Are you accepting additional members?

To learn more about becoming a member, contact us at

Are you serious about improving plastic recycling?

Yes. The protection of the ocean is fundamental to life on earth. We are committed to ending plastic waste in the environment. This consortium is determined to make the investments needed to make new plastics from waste plastics. We aim to have Partners sign long-term offtake agreements, which will secure the commercial future of new recycling plants.

What will make these new recycling plants different?

These new sorting and recycling plants will deliver exceptionally high-quality plastics and they will operate with no demand uncertainty, thanks to the offtake agreements from global partners of Sea the Future. We reduce material uncertainty by connecting sorters and recyclers to waste sources. We’re committed to increasing plastic waste collection, recycling, and the supply of recycled content, with a wide range of partners working across the value chain.

Shouldn’t we be getting rid of plastic altogether rather than trying to find a way to recycle it?

Reduction is part of the solution and all members are working hard on this. Plastic has become an integral part of our modern lives and it will take time to find alternatives. So while we develop changes in our lifestyle and other materials over time, we need a short-term solution to ensure we remove plastic waste from our environment.

Why are you starting in the Netherlands and Indonesia?

The Netherlands is leading the way in recycling plastic for unsorted waste. We will find the right partners and regulatory framework to build a value chain in the Netherlands and then take learnings from there to other EU countries and beyond.

The government of Indonesia is working with Minderoo Foundation and others to increase its recycling capacity to double recycling rates by developing capacity for an additional one million tonnes per year by 2025. The Sea The Future partnership will build on this work.

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